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   Open Arms Make A Difference, Inc

Open Arms Make A Difference, Inc. is an organization that strives to provide services to all who want help. Our main goals are to provide, to qualified recipients, nutritious meals, clothing, and other personal necessities. Clients are also given instruction on personal development and speaking skills including job interviewing. We strive to place clients in gainful employment.

Julian Reaves (Count Giuliani)  and his Partner Cliff Frelix (Sir Cliff) From Architect Media Dynasty /Trak Makers Musique, using PreSonus Studio One on Irben Jeter, Trak Makers, Mark Jackson Jr new album, As a  PreSonus Studio One user it gives you the flexibility to produce the way you want.

Krankies Ink.

Kranky Gurlz Unite!!!

Finally a product that will comfort you, let you know you’re not alone, express how you feel,  Make you laugh, and sympathize with those darn Kranky Daze!  951547 1937


April Water Artist

The artist grew up in Northern California.  Creativity existed in her family so she naturally developed an artistic talent at an early age. Drawing and sketching by sight.  She soon began experimenting with different mediums. Water color painting became her specialty.  Self-taught she developed a water color technique that allows her to paint portraits in intricate detail.

King Fisch Studios


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Grammy Nominee Maurice Carmon of Mlyrics

BoxCar Digital

Two-time Grammy Winner Jon John Robinson  of

                              BoxCar Digital